Antena 7

Name: Antena Latina 7
Location: Santo Domingo
Telephone: (809) 532-0700
Antena 7 is an open Dominican television channel operated by Albavisión, and its headquarters is in Santo Domingo. He began his broadcasts on October 16, 1999 after the departure of Rahintel.


Antena 7In 1999, Radio HIN Televisión (Rahintel) was in apparent decline, after years of survival without new programs and without the protection of its parent company, the Universal Financial Group, which had gone bankrupt at the end of the 80’s. The animated series, that had been the last class of programs with more hearing in Rahintel, had been retired.

Due to all this, Rahintel is put on sale in 1999, with the Bonetti Group deciding on the purchase of channel 7. After the financial operation and after 40 years of uninterrupted transmission, Rahintel quietly left the air in April 1999.

From that moment, channel 7 was partially closed and with provisional programming that announced the arrival of a new channel 7, which was announced in the summer of 1999 as Antena Latina. After months of intense promotion, which showed a younger image for channel 7, Antena Latina aired on October 16, 1999.

The arrival of Antena Latina introduced new technologies to Dominican television, as the complementation of the first and only virtual study of the Caribbean area, a breakthrough for those times. In addition, its programming contained programs that granted great audience to the channel. One of the most successful spaces has been WWE wrestling, which was broadcast in the country after several years of absence.

Over the years, Antena Latina was strengthened as a premium channel in local production. This was evidenced by productions such as El bachatón (produced by Alfonso Rodríguez), and later, in productions such as Noche de luz, Focus, Grandiosas, Rica Loquera, among many others.

In the year 2002, brother channel ANTENA 21 emerges.

In 2012 Daniel Sarcos joined the channel with his program Aquí se Habla Español.

In 2014, the SIN group was announced after the acquisition made by Albavisión.

In 2016 the channel slightly changes the logo and the graphic line, changing its name to Antena 7, as well as a new slogan: Arriving at you.

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