Canal 25

Channel 25

Canal 25

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Name: Canal 25
Location: Santiago
Telephone: 809-583-2525


Canal 25 Since its inception, Channel 25 has presented its viewers with a balanced program that includes sections of art, culture, news, sports and panel programs with interviews, which together with various seasonal events that are offered to viewers during Throughout the year, it has contributed significantly in making it a marketable success.

Channel 25 has the technological support of the company Señal Satélite del Caribe, S.A., which is affiliated with Telemedios Dominicana, SA, and is dedicated to generating television remotely, which allows Channel 25 to stay ahead with all the seasonal events with a live broadcast from the street. The results have been so favorable, that it has forced other media to enter the business of mobile units.

It also has a radio station at 1530 AM which transmits its audio signal 24 hours, allowing viewers to follow our programming while they move in their vehicles and by battery and battery radios at times when failures occur of electric power.

All of the above allows Canal 25 to have excellent rating levels, as certified by the different surveys and polls conducted by advertising, political parties and various universities in the country.

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