Color Vision Canal 9 En Vivo

Color Vision Canal 9 En Vivo

Color Visión online gratis por internet es un canal de televisión abierta dominicano. Fue fundado el 25 de julio de 1968 e inauguró oficialmente sus transmisiones el 30 de noviembre de 1969. Actualmente es propiedad de la Familia Bermúdez.

Color Vision (Corporación Dominicana de Radio y Televisión) is an open Dominican television channel, founded on July 25, 1968. It is currently owned by the Bermudez Family. His first location was in the city of Santiago de los Caballeros, with his first studio located in the Hotel Matum, broadcasting on channels 9 and 2.



Color visionIn 1963, Don Manolo Quiroz, an experienced technician of the state television station La Voz Dominicana (today CERTV) is awarded a scholarship by the Government of France to study television in that country. Upon his return, he began to seek support among businessmen and television technicians to introduce the first color transmissions in the Dominican Republic. Quiroz then convinces the Bermúdez family to invest in the launch of a color station within channel 5 VHF of the city of Santiago de los Caballeros. The studios are installed in the Hotel Matum and, on November 29, 1969, Color Vision is officially launched. The inauguration was attended by the then President of the Republic, Joaquín Balaguer, who oppressed the button to put the television plant into operation. Its original frequency was channel 2 VHF of Santiago de los Caballeros, with a repeater that retransmitted the signal on channel 9 VHF for Santo Domingo and the southwest of the country

Since the channel did not achieve the expected objectives, the offices were moved to Santo Domingo in 1971, in the old Hotel Jaragua. During this time, the quality of the signal improves and new programs are introduced under the direction of Manolo Quiroz. In the mid-1970s, the owners of Color Vision moved the television plant to its definitive location, on Emilio A. Morel Street in Ensanche La Fe, on the premises of the former Acoustic Shell of the Dominican Party (later renamed as Anfestudio).

At the end of the 1970s and the beginning of the 1980s, new figures arrived at the channel, such as Horacio Lamadrid, Anita Ontiveros, Sheriff Marcos, José Thomen, Adriano Rodríguez, among others, who raise the audience share of the channel to Nacional level. At the end of the decade, the wrestling transmissions of the Dominican company Espectáculos began. This program is a success for the popularity of the famous fighter Jack Poison, especially when issuing his remembered victory over Ric Flair. In August of 1980, The Show of the Noon, one of the programs with more hearing in the country is released.

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