Teleantillas Canal 2

Teleantillas Canal 2

Teleantillas es un canal de televisión de República Dominicana que transmite en todo el territorio nacional por el Canal 2. Es también el canal oficial para la Transmisión de eventos como los Premios Oscar, el Festival Viña del Mar, los Billboard Latin Music Awards, los Emmy, y los Premios Tu Mundo.

Name: Teleantillas
Location: Santo Domingo
Telephone: (809)567-7751

Tele Antillas
is a television channel of the Dominican Republic that transmits throughout the national territory through Channel 2. It is also the official channel for the transmission of events such as the Oscar Awards, the Viña del Mar Festival, the Billboard Latin Music Awards, the Emmy, and the Tu Mundo Awards.


TeleantillasIn 1978 Don Germán E. Ornes, president of the newspaper El Caribe at that time, began the project of launching a VHF frequency channel, which he would call Tele Antillas. The construction was carried out in a large lot located next to the Editora El Caribe. By August 1979, Tele Antillas was ready to be launched. However, at the end of that month, the country was devastated by Hurricane David, forcing the delay of the launch of the television station. After all, Tele Antillas was launched on October 15, 1979. Originally the southern zone and the capital tuned into channel 2, while the northern part of the country received it through channel 13. During the 1990s this station repeated its signal to through channel 21 of the local Telecable of the capital.

Its launch was a boom in Dominican television. It was the most modern channel of its time. Tele Antillas was a pioneer in the use of Stereo Audio and in the use of the Teleprompter, which marked a milestone in Dominican television. In addition, it was a channel that introduced a program based almost entirely on international productions, which includes novels, series, movies or cartoons among others. Despite this, several local programs for the whole family were produced and continue to be produced. During the nineties, the station was acquired by the Corripio Group, the same owner of Telesistema 11, and it was relaunched with a new programming since then.

One of the first channels to introduce Brazilian productions, creating the now famous Prime time at 10:00 p.m. with novels such as Doña Bella, Pantanal, Xica da Silva, or El Clón, among others. In 2004 the TV channel renewed its logo for the celebration of its 25 years and again in 2011 it was the subject of a light but modern redesign.

In 2012, it became an official channel for the broadcast in the Dominican Republic of Euro 2012. A new graphic line was also launched.

Recently after the success achieved in rating by the transmission of Escobar, the boss of the evil, presents in his schedule Prime time of 10:00 p.m. the successful production Without sines there is no paradise, previously it was El Capo 2.

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