Telecentro Canal 13

Telecentro Channel 13

Name: Telecentro
Location: Santo Domingo
Telephone: 809-689-0555

Telecentro canal 13 es un canal de televisión privado de República Dominicana, que forma parte de la propiedad del Grupo de Medios Telemicro. Telecentro canal 13, cuenta con un gran número de programas de producción local, así como programas internacionales. El canal fue vendido al Grupo Telemicro y ahora su programación es más profesional.

Telecentro is a private television channel in the Dominican Republic, owned by the Telemicro Media Group.


Telecentro Channel 13, Telecentro Canal 13In 1972, José Semorille, at that time director of the National Institute of Electronics (INDE), got the idea of launching a television station with old equipment and reconstructed by this institution. This is how Tele Inde was born on August 20, 1972. This station began broadcasting on channel 30 UHF, being the first channel that transmits on that band in the country, and then passes on to transmit on channel 13 VHF. It was aired from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

With the slogan of Cultural Education and Friendship, Tele Inde meant Television of the National Institute of Electronics. It was a station that had distinguished itself by the opportunities it had given young people to project themselves through their image. It was located at 30 de Marzo Street No. 80, in the vicinity of the National Palace. Among the programs he presented, Batman, Lost in Space, The Sheriff Mark show, a newscast and cartoons like Krazy Kat stand out.

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