Telefuturo Channel 23

Telefuturo Channel 23

Name: Telefuturo
Location: Santo Domingo
Telephone: 809-472-2266
Telefuturo Channel 23, Telefuturo Canal 23Speaking of telefuturo Channel 23 is talking about a communication group conceptualized to make it a medium where we cover the different information areas.

With the most advanced technology for the generation of images and sound, telefuturo makes available to its viewers a signal of unquestionable quality to the delight of all.

In the studios we have installed the most modern and advanced sets with the latest designs for HD TV studios. For the lighting of the studios we rely on LED technology capable of producing an efficient lighting at low temperature and produce a wide range of colors and effects of movements under the control of Digital technology.

We cover the national geography with a clear signal so that in any corner of the country TELEFUTURO Channel 23 is for you and you only have to access and you will see not only the online programming you can be part of us and communicate at the level of social networks Twitter: telefuturo23, Facebook: telefuturo23 and Instagram: telefuturo23rd.

We have support from the group of stations of Radiocadena Hispanoamericana, composed of 9 stations with the best audience ratings in its kind, distributed throughout the country, starting in the capital with Rumba 98.5, in the North region the stations: Premium, Primor, Laser and Pearl; in the South region: Manantial, Maravillosa and Suspiro, while in the East they have the Guía radio station, all with a strategic location that guarantees the greatest coverage in the radio map of the country.

Attractive Programming
We have an attractive program for the viewer, with programs placed at times designed for the target audience, our staff consists of figures with a career and professionalism of the first order in genres such as entertainment, children, sports, magazines, opinion cultural, movies, musical and special.

We are a channel of information and opinion, our news programs are plural and impartial, with a high social commitment. Adding our press subsidiaries for the cibao region and the southern region.

The statistics reflect that we have grown in audience by 40%, which confirms the loyalty of our viewers and the support received by our sponsors.

Our coverage both nationally and internationally: World Basketball, Caribbean Series, World Series .; as well as international tourism fairs in germany, france and spain make telefuturo an excellent option for viewers.

We arrived at our 4th. Year of operations, with the satisfaction of having an extraordinary human team, qualified, committed, and above all with the pride of being one of the few television channels in the Dominican Republic that has made changes so that its internal structure is high. definition, honoring our slogan … “an image for the world”.

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