Telesistema Canal 11

Telesistema Canal 11

Name: Telesistema
Location: Santo Domingo
Telephone: 809-563-6661

Telesistema is a television channel of the Dominican Republic. It was founded in March 1974, but began broadcasting in 1976. This channel has a wide variety of programs all focused on the family audience, with children’s blocks, novels, news, live programs and films. It has been one of the channels par excellence of the Dominican Republic, due to its variety.


TelesistemaTelesistema was born on March 13, 1974 by a group of engineers and technicians of Puerto Rican origin, headed by Waldo Pons.

The transmissions began in 1976, when the conjuncture of the celebration of the Military Sports Games at the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center was presented, which would be transmitted by the state channel. It was as well as Dominican Telesistema, C. by A. managed to acquire the permission of transmission like local channel the 15 of March of 1976.2

Its programming in the beginning was based on movies, American series, animated and novels, as well as a newscast. Its first location was on Calle El Vergel No. 88, the sector of the same name. In the course of the following years, Telesistema gains sympathy in the Dominican audience for its constant renewals in its programming.

It should be noted that Telesistema broadcast on Channel 11 for Santo Domingo, South and East of the country, and since 1984 on Channel 9 for the Cibao area. This configuration was present until 1995 when the telecommunications law was modified, which ordered each television company to broadcast on a single frequency for the entire country.

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