Teleuniverso Canal 29

Teleuniverso Canal 29

Name: Teleuniverso
Location: Santiago
Telephone: 809-241-0066
Website: Teleuniverso Canal 29
Teleuniverso Canal 29 ,Teleuniverso Channel 29Teleuniverso Canal 29 A mission represents us, With vision we march firm We represent with chivalry, our Pride …

Together we are ready to see a new stage of Santiaguense television of the most representative channel of Dominican Republic towards ultra sea … and beyond!

Teleuniverso, has defined its concepts, its goals, its sights.

As a means, he pretends to be the real spokesman of the ideas, ideals and aspirations of the most representative city of the whole country, being at the same time the capital city of the most productive zone of the whole Caribbean.

We intend to be a means to educate and in turn bring the entertainment that every Dominican deserves.

Never forgetting our motto as a mission statement, Teleuniverso, Canal 29 is a medium that carries with it the intention of paying tribute to the essence that characterizes an audio-visual medium.

We are an avant-garde channel that grows with its people day by day, that proudly elevates what the Dominican longs for, his essence, his dominance. With a view to and desire to improve day by day, we intend to commit ourselves more to a more demanding audience, which in turn will lead us to a more privileged and professional position. We are a means that we believe in the contribution, we believe in the support that can provide the quality of an audiovisual, because our intention in the task is to perform works that last imperishably in every Dominican home, we are a channel with social integrity, with dynamism we will always be Teleuniverso, Channel 29 … The Image without Borders!

The stability and creativity in the broadcasting of a quality television is what has allowed Teleuniverso, Channel 29 to position itself as the Premium channel from Santiago capital of the Cibao and at the same time the most fertile region towards the whole country, and now … beyond ; since our growing chronogram of goals and achievements has allowed us to reach the most cosmopolitan cities of the American continent. We are the only Dominican channel that values, treasures and promotes cultural values ​​as well as a detailed investigation, day by day of our history, our ideology, our idiosyncrasies; our corporate name, remain the channel that promotes and stimulates enthusiasm to remain proudly DOMINICANOS!

Currently we prepare ourselves to face the challenges of this competitive and growing world, we are a means of authentic connection with the roots that identify our dominicanity. A channel with vision, with criterion of expansion, property in its concept, values ​​in its talents, qualification in its technicians, we are a channel of new times, we are Teleuniverso, Channel 29,

We have been a committed medium since its inception with the Dominicanity. Having defined their concepts, their goals, their views.


It is developed through the concept of basic departmental needs and provision of departmental heads positions.

Our logo is a chronological evolution of the original concept for which we were designed. We were born as a producer of specialized events and 18 years later our emblem maintains the foundations of our original credential brand.

Teleuniverso, Canal 29 was born in two remarkable processes, the first as a National Teleoperator in 1991, providing direct services to the then Independencia Canal 6 Circuit today, Telemicro-Digital 15 Channels 5 and 15 respectively.

The second stage arises when the visionary businessman of Santiago, Don Ulises Polanco Morales decides to grow the Hidalga city with a distinctive medium that identifies the values ​​of the city and at the same time is a real spokesman of the most representative city of Santiago .

We are a medium with the firm intention of growing with our province, our Credential (not the first, because the First was the Family Channel and due to problems of authorship with the Canal Televisa, Canal de la Iglesia Católica, we decided to use our second Slogan ) The Image without Borders. Our intention as a vision is to reach all the ends of the earth where there is a Dominican, raise our sense of Dominican expression, raise our Dominicanity with authentic productions representative of the most fertile region of the country, the Cibao.

Communicate responsibly, with thematic axes as 3 fundamental values ​​of quality communication: Educate, Communicate and Entertain.
Our mission as a pioneering, distinctive and representative channel is to be a faithful supporter of the ideas and ideals of our people, of our environment, with direct support to: Families, Entrepreneurs, The needy class, the values ​​that treasure our corporate name. and to exist.

Our shared value is to be province, keeping our origins ingrained, motivated by extrapolating our signal to every corner where there is a Dominican diaspora that needs to know about its mother land.

We are a channel with 47 programs a week, with 19 hours ½ of live programming from Monday to Friday. With a structure of operative, production, press, and sales personnel that is dynamic in daily growth paths and with expectations of refinement in the aforementioned areas.

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