CDN SportsMax

Name: CDN SportsMax
Location: Santo Domingo
Telephone: 809-683-8100
CDN SportsMax is the first channel that broadcasts sports 24 hours a day for the Dominican Republic.

cdn sports max
CDN SportsMax

The alliance between CDN and SportsMax has made possible the emergence of the CDN-SportsMax television channel. SportsMax is a subscription television network that broadcasts sports programming for the entire Caribbean, owned by Digicel. It consists of two channels: SportsMax and SportsMax 2.

Channel 8 in Claro and Windtelecom, Channel 28 Telecable, Channel 38 AsterCDN Sport Max, a purely sporting information station that was created as a result of a strategic alliance between CDN 2 and Sport Max. SportsMax is a Jamaican company that is dedicated to the transmission of sporting events.

Its programming features fixed news broadcasts, live newsletters, sports, specialized programs, interviews and other segments, aimed at keeping the public updated on the national and international sporting reality.
Its most outstanding programming is: Basketball, Soccer, Bóxer, Baseball.

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